What our students are saying

“During the course, I studied things that I had no previous knowledge of and furthermore had no desire or intention to start learning about them, but looking back on the journey, I believe that I have been enriched beyond my expectations and because we have covered so many aspects, I have a more cohesive picture of the natural world around me, its building blocks and its fragility” – Sandra

“I know we are only halfway through the course but I want to thank you now. You have no idea how much you have enriched my life or how exciting the learning process has been for me. Your professionalism and friendliness has been unfailing. Your choices of lecturers for the most part has been outstanding and your organization superb” – Joan

“Oom Sakkie, baie dankie vir die geduld en hulp gedurende die Kursus. Dit was wonderlik net om daai paar dae in oom se teenwoordigheid te wees,oom se kennis het my net weer gemotiveer en laat besef om nooit op te hou leer nie en te streef om meer en meer te leer van die Natuur. Baie dankie” – Ulrich

“Ons weet julle is ‘n professionele besigheid, maar ons wil net dankie sê vir die wyse waarop julle elke student indiwiduele aandag gee. Dit was vir Robbie ‘n voorreg om Sakkie se kennis en entoesiasme van die natuur te deel en dan nog op die koop toe ‘n kursusma soos jy Miemie te kon hê” – Robert.

“I can’t believe that the year is almost over, with only one lecture to go. Just wanted to say that it has been the most awesome, happy year for me, and most of this is due to the course. Thank you” – Pat.

“Vir my beteken dit terugkyk op een van die beste jare van my lewe (miskien selfs die heel beste).  My liefde vir en belangstelling in die veld het ek van my pa (nou nie meer by ons nie), maar die geleentheid om oor soveel aspekte van die natuur te leer en van naby te ervaar het ek aan julle te danke. Sakkie, jou verstommende kennis, entoesiasme en mensekennis, en Miemie jou vermoe om die organisasie op ‘n kalm, vriendelike, ordelike en liefdevolle manier te doen is tog seker ‘n unieke kombinasie in ons land.  Ek dink ons was meer bevoorreg as wat ons eers kan besef” – Hettie.

“Congratulations on yet another successful year.    I take my hat off to you for all that you put into this course and into building your organisation.  I really take my hat off to you. With love and appreciation” – Mary

“Hierdie kursus verryk my lewe op ‘n manier wat ek nie verwag het nie. Ek leer so baie veral deur die werkstukke wat ons doen en ook die kwaliteit van die lesings.Baie dankie dat ek deel kan wees van die kursus” –  Sintichia

“This year has meant more to me than I can ever express. I learnt about me, I learnt about our incredible natural world and I’ve learnt that the world is full of incredible like minded, caring people.  My highest praise of course goes to Sakkie and Miemie, who between them make each student feel like they are so very important. Sakkie has an eye for each student’s potential and encourages each one to reach for their goal. Miemie, our stalwart, keeps everything  flowing smoothly, her gentle spirit influences every event and they are truly a superb team! I  cannot thank you both enough for one of the best years of my life” – Robbie

“I do have some comments and observations to make, but must qualify it all with a reminder also to myself that I’m not an education-type individual, and have no idea of the complexities of putting together and presenting training material – other than that it must be very difficult to get the right mix. Against that background, the BTA course overall is excellent. As I go along I start recognizing the sequence of putting together the jigsaw puzzle pieces which build a holistic picture and broad understanding of what’s what on a bushveld walk. It’s a bit like discovering a second layer of chocolates in the box when all the years it seemed there was only the top level to see. Lekker! Hell, maybe there’s even a third layer” – Mark

“The information you have supplied for the course has surpassed my expectations and as a result I certainly would recommend BTA to anyone. I have loved every minute of this outstanding course, meeting new friends, etc and looking so forward to my classes each week. What better way could I have learnt to be on my own again….it not only is educating to me but certainly is giving me my confidence and passion for life back ( this tortoise is now peeking her head out of her shell…..Thank you, thank you, thank you ..” – Cally

“Yesterday’s guided walk was a fantastic experience for me, and I made the point to myself then that on my return to work, to say “Thank You” to you and your team today for the wonderful experience you’ve all given me!” – Peter

“There wasn’t sufficient space on the note to say it, but I really want to thank you both sincerely for all you have done this year. I have enjoyed the course enormously and have had my eyes opened to so much – particularly during the practical sessions, during which I found your obvious passion for the natural world, and your incredible knowledge, truly inspirational. What began (for me) as a desire just to know a bit more about the wild areas we enjoy visiting, has changed my view of the world, and developed into a passion of my own. I will always remember the outstanding quality of the BTA course content and teaching, and your enthusiasm for imparting your knowledge to us ‘drolpere’” – Anne