FGASA Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2) Practical Course (20 days)

The 20 day course is a practical course for persons whom have already written the FGASA NQF2 theory exam at a FGASA national exam sitting and want to get practical experience in order to be practically assessed for NQF2.

The prospective learner should preferably complete the FGASA workbook before attending the practical course at the training provider’s training facility. Should any learner not be able to complete the workbook before the course, it should be completed at the training venue but in his/her own time.

Please note: Completion of the FGASA Workbook is a requirement before any final practical assessment can take place.

The 20 day practical training period at the training providers’ facilities will consist of the following aspects
⦁ Theoretical and practical training time (face to face).
⦁ FGASA practical preparation and assessment.

Given the fact that the learners have already written the NQF2 theory exam and is in the process of completing the workbook, they should be theoretically prepared and thus will not need to be taught theory in detail at the training provider facility.

The main aim of the course (face to face training time) being offered at the training provider facilities is to provide learners with practical training in guiding and interpretative skills (learning to apply already accumulated theoretical knowledge in the guiding environment).

Students will be practically assessed for the NQF 2-qualification during and at the end of the course.