Bushveld Training Adventures’ students qualify for special FGASA examination sittings at the end of the full-time 50-day course, part-time year course and the Trails Guide Course.

The following FGASA and CATHSSETA practical assessments are done:
⦁ FGASA Field Guide NQF2
⦁ FGASA Advanced Field Guide NQF4 (A full NQF2 qualification and 260 days practical experience are required)
⦁ FGASA Specialist Field Guide (A full NQF4 qualification and 520 days practical experience are required)
⦁ Specialist and SKS-Birding
⦁ Back-up and Lead Trails Guide – View Potentially Dangerous Game is a National Qualification NQF 4. (A full NQF2 and 50 hours and 10    encounters with “Big Five” animals are required for Back-up Trails assessment and an additional 100 hours and 50 encounters are required    for Lead Trails assessment)
⦁ Rifle Handling assessment (Only a FGASA qualification)