Field Guide Training

FGASA Level I Full-time Practical and Preparatory Course (25 days)

The 50-day full-time programme will obviously have financial and logistical implications to the extent that many prospective students will simply not be able to attend such a long and expensive course. Learners can then opt for the 25-day course, but will have to write the theoretical examination at a FGASA national examination sitting. These sittings are scheduled in March, July and October and students should register for the examination at least a month in advance. Students can be practically assessed at the training facility during the practical training period after having successfully completed the theory examination.

The prospective student/learner should study the theoretical work and complete the FGASA workbook before  attending the actual course at the training provider’s training facilities.

This means that the learner should become a member with FGASA and must receive the FGASA learning material before they attend the practical course. Should any student not be able to complete the workbook before the course at the training provider’s facilities, it should be completed at the training venue but in his/her own time.

Please note: Completion of the FGASA Workbook is a requirement before any final practical assessment can take place.

The 25-day practical training period at the training providers’ facilities will consist of the following aspects:

  • First Aid Training Level I
  • Theoretical and practical training time (face to face).
  • FGASA theoretical assessment preparation.
  • FGASA practical preparation and assessment.

Given the fact that the learners have already done some self study and workbook completion they should be fairly theoretically prepared and thus will not need to be taught theory in detail at the training provider facilities. Those who, for some reason, could not manage to do so will either have to catch up during the course or enrol for a later course.

The main aim of the course (face to face training time) being offered at the training provider facilities is to provide learners with practical training in guiding and interpretation skills.

(Learning to apply already accumulated theoretical knowledge in the guiding environment) Thus the amount of allocated days (time) for focus on individual modules has been reduced somewhat with more focus each day during practical sessions on integrating knowledge (modules) into the practical guided experience.

The course is presented at Combretum Park, but two to four day practical excursions will be undertaken to places such as Pilanesberg Game Reserve and Nylsvley Game Reserve. One day excursions to places of interest are also included.

Please note: With First Aid training the total duration at the training provider’s venue will be 25 days.