Part-time Year Course

Bushveld Training Adventures invites all nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts to a life changing training and learning experience about wildlife and the natural environment. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or planning to pursue a career in guiding and conservation you will receive the most professional and most enjoyable nature training experience.

Course Objectives

⦁  Environmentalist Course is aimed at providing the necessary knowledge and skills to those who are  interested in pursuing a career in guiding and/or conservation.
⦁ It will provide the nature lover, game farm or nature reserve owner or operator, as well as the general  environmentalist, with the knowledge and skills to better understand nature and the processes that govern it.
⦁ Most important is to instil in people an interest in and love for nature and the many things that constitute the

Course Structure

The Environmentalist Course is a one-year, part-time course that combines weekly evening lectures with practical field work and weekends away.

The course content is augmented by written tests for those who want to acquire a nationally recognised certificate at the end of the year. It comprises different modules, each with a number of subjects carefully selected to provide the nature enthusiast with a comprehensive insight into the natural environment. You will learn about Ecology, Soil, Astronomy, Weather, Classification, Wild Flowers, Trees, Grasses, Goggas, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Signs and Sounds of the Wilderness, Bush Skills and a range of other fascinating topics. Each course is presented by one of South Africa’s leading specialists in the field supported by an experienced and well-qualified training team.

Anybody with an open mind, a love for nature and a reasonable level of fitness can do the course. Persons must be eighteen years and older.